Words, Visions, Sounds……. The Deepest of Me



Making of Marks

I have been resonating with mark making, studying lines and just the rythm i feel in the moment. There are no boundaries No rules Just you, marks, paint and your infintate imagintion

Art Sketches

I am continuously learning and experimenting with color and movement. I found that when you dig deep, and just feel whatever lies inside of you, your creations represent that. I had a friend long ago who criticized my art because... Continue Reading →


Alcohol Ink on 11 in x 14 in yuppo paper done using various methods : blowing, hair dryer and heat gun Dilute with pure alcohol or alcohol ink dillution solution

Some more works by yours truly πŸ™‚          


Reblogged : original post by @linorobles You’re no longer mine yet i still feel you inside my soul & mind Even After the long kiss goodbye to that i could never lie as i sit in middle of silences eyes... Continue Reading →

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