Words, Visions, Sounds……. The Deepest of Me

i can't read your mind but...        ....... ... that look  shows a thousand wrongs you have done. -melanie ann


“But a Dream”

i can't hear you...     ... wait         ... what is it that you said ... about        love?  never fear right? . so please....    tell me why you ran?  -melanie ann

“Fine Print”

here's a token are your thoughts                                                 worth its value? return policy applies.        ... Continue Reading →

Full time

you smile but no longer will i smile back no... not just for one moment give me a reason to smile for all time. -melanie ann

i am all mine 

it's always the same never the one just the other i surrender to the new day -melanie ann

i've been like the skyglowing snowing. a pillar for a pale moon growing i can't imagine  you running running away from me i see blue shells falling green shells i see the sparkling green of trees in your eyes  i... Continue Reading →



combined and drunken    there is no better place it's just us.    intoxicated eyes my only sobriety is always you. -melanie ann 


I lay there you touch me my stomach caves in my flesh rots your smell Poison. -melanie ann

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