Words, Visions, Sounds……. The Deepest of Me



I have finally been able to invest more time into other realms of creativity that I never actively pursued. Film photography being one of them.
Here you will see the beauty of the world around me from my eyes, from my lens.

It's been cold out, so I have not been out much to enjoy Mother Nature in her current status. Yes she is always beautiful no matter what scene she brings to us. (I just don't do well in the cold.... Continue Reading →


Camera : Canon EOS T6i Color converted to Black & White Edited :  in Adobe Lightroom Place :  Albuquerque, NM


Nature Stripped of Color

Since actively coming into my own the past couple of years. Letting go of past hurt and past failures. Life has finally started happening. I let go... One passion I always dreamed of pursuing along with my art and writing... Continue Reading →


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