Scrounging for the broken bones

I let break me.

Not knowing the demise had taken a toll.

Creaks and twists engraved on my skull

Cracks and dents pushed into my skin.

The same skin I once kept sacred.

Only to be buried for years

By broken souls.

Over and over again I let it happen.

Damaged, scoured, and drowned.

There was no light, looking up from the bottom.

Time heals all wounds.

One sound breaks the cold and gray clouds

Dreams begin to fuel the innocence I thought was lost.

To be found

In this divine awakening

Can it be?

That my dreams

My hopes for love

Can still be made reality?

I feel the dents smoothing.

My thought unparched.

My heart filled with the red of love.

I feel

The breaking of a better history.

One where ill never be afraid to be me.

-Melanie Ann