I am continuously learning and experimenting with color and movement. I found that when you dig deep, and just feel whatever lies inside of you, your creations represent that.

I had a friend long ago who criticized my art because I did not follow “Text Book” rules. His exact words words towards the piece I created long ago were

“You can’t do that with those lines” and mind you, This was my boyfriend at the time and I sketched a picture for him. I wanted to show him my creative side, that I relate to him since he himself is an artist.

I can handle constructive criticism, but in this case, I could not take his words as constructive. Although I appreciate difference in opinion, art has no rules. It shouldn’t. For me, it boils down to

What do you feel?

What motivates you?

What is your vision?

How do you like to use color?

Our visions are our own. No one else’s. Our tastes are our own. No one else’s.

This is what I see. The colors I love…