DoubleU = W


Why is it me that you would fear?

Because I’m one the world cannot steer?

That I walk a path that’s truly mine?

That it’s freedom that’s brought me here?

I propose,

My way is my own,

While I reject the norm.

You only see a fault,

In my singular form.


For what reason would you find me strange?

‘Cause for no other I’ll rearrange?

That my life can be lived alone?

That from others I remain estranged?

I propose,

No other is a fit,

For me and a tight knit.

You see loneliness,

And refusal to commit.


What part of me might cause your concern?

Perhaps a mind set free to discern?

That I reject that which can’t be proven?

That all superstition have I spurned?

I propose,

My mind is unique,

Maybe not what you seek.

You simply disagree,

You’re curiously piqued.


It is…

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