(This is not my painting)

This beautiful sound is from an artist I stumbled upon on soundcloud…. Birds of Passage & Owsey. Enjoy, relax, smile and feel free. 

The song  and picture  chosen reveals that feeling of the new spring that comes. The freshness of light and the freedom of the outdoors. I love these days, Where the days brighten and even the little worries of the winter pass.

Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy the read of my latest. Then indulge in the sound, close your eyes and smile. 

Take a breath 

and just,


Spring Free…

The sun comes out and sparkles a smile.

Worries seem to pass with the grays of winters time,

Earths beauty awakes with smell of fresh-cut grass,

The wandering smell of stars and fresh laundry that fills the air.

Dancing Leaves and branches that stretch their arms out to you

To join in harmony

as you sip your favorite tea.

The sun comes out and sparkles a smile.

Birds hum their secrets and joys on your window pane,

and promises to never sleep again.

The cygnet that paints the pond of colors,

arises with her forever dreams.

The sun comes out ans sparkles a smile.