Feet propped up.
Giving him way to my deepest space.
His hands sliding,
Imprinting upon my legs.

I drip as slowly as the rain.
My voice moaning with pleasure pain.
My mind escapes
As his fingers titillate.

Searching my skin, creating his mark.
His seal of ownership, my body is his right.

Pulling me gently, jerking into me
My hips roll back
Signaling my approval,
My desire
As he forcefully breathes down my neck.

Thrusting forward,
Grunting as I wet him more.
The salt , he licks drinking from every pore.

Digging into my hips,
Guiding me to the dawn if ecstasy
My cunt he strokes rhythmically.

The clock strikes
Our bodies ignite.
Devouring his every drop.
I tighten enveloping his last shot.

Staring back as he comes undone
Until we fall
And become one.