How many times have any of us started over in life? Some of of us, maybe kept starting our lives over for years. Some people didn’t have to. I guess it doesnt matter when you start over and take charge of your life. What matters is that you



I have struggled so many years with growing into my own identity. Catering to what society wanted me to be. Tearing myself down because others did. Constantly changing myself becauase I was nt happy with who I am. Searching for that happiness to get from others, rather than get from myself.

14 years of this…

NOW… It has come to an end. I have finally come into not only what I want to do, but who I am. I always knew, but I decided to be happy with who I am, and instead of feeling bad for what I do not have, I am grateful for what I have. I am taking this to grow into someone even more amazing! 

For those of you who know what that feeling is like. To be trapped outside, away from your own soul, there is a way to break free. You do not have to be afraid of yourself. 


Sometimes we just need a little inspirational pick me up.

I will be sharing my thoughts of faith and my journey to become even more abundant in life. I hope you allw ill find inspiration in my journey.

Know that you too are beautiful, smart, and have what it takes to make a change. Do not fall because of others negativity or your fear of what people may think of your ideas.