Words, Visions, Sounds by Melanie Ann

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dance the worry away.

be the brightest light

honoring the sky.

– melanie ann



“I like you.” He explained

“You like me?” Responding with a sigh. Only thinking of how hope is truly lost.

“Why else would I want to take you to dinner?” He asked confused. “What other reason should there be…. I mean…”

“Tell me more she demanded softly, as she gently scratched her bottom lip. Hiding the smile that conceived her plan to make him wait. To make him truly want heaven.

His intentions changed over time….

And then…..

There were three.

Devoted always, because she made him wait.

-Melanie Ann

we both fly

never touching the ground

our sacred city

blanketed with love

let’s keep floating


You secretly stumble through my window

creating a chain reaction of hurt

the devil uses his lips

giving you life

Breathing toxins I cannot smell

suffocating me

twisting my mind

into webs of fantasies

and endless roads

leading to dead ends.

Breaking free

means finally waking up

there is light somewhere

-melanie ann

First Time

Spoken Word

the stillness collapsed

as their bodies touched

how sweet is their chaos

-melanie ann

Double Exposed Debut

My many explorations and passions include photography. Double exposure is my main treat. It is poetry. It’s abstract.

You can bring together many aspects of life into one. Telling many stories on top of another.

Possibilities are endless.

Black as the night’

Read how work until your hearts content ⭐️


Original from John Coyote

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