Words, Visions, Sounds……. The Deepest of Me

Letters to the One

dearest, you found me  please never get lost again you're all I've got strength love respect happiness value no validation  from others needed continue to make love that one sure thing you give others and yourself and if they don't... Continue Reading →

i can't read your mind but...        ....... ... that look  shows a thousand wrongs you have done. -melanie ann

“But a Dream”

i can't hear you...     ... wait         ... what is it that you said ... about        love?  never fear right? . so please....    tell me why you ran?  -melanie ann

“Fine Print”

here's a token are your thoughts                                                 worth its value? return policy applies.        ... Continue Reading →

Full time

you smile but no longer will i smile back no... not just for one moment give me a reason to smile for all time. -melanie ann

i am all mine 

it's always the same never the one just the other i surrender to the new day -melanie ann

i've been like the skyglowing snowing. a pillar for a pale moon growing i can't imagine  you running running away from me i see blue shells falling green shells i see the sparkling green of trees in your eyes  i... Continue Reading →



combined and drunken    there is no better place it's just us.    intoxicated eyes my only sobriety is always you. -melanie ann

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