Words, Visions, Sounds……. The Deepest of Me



my mind blank,                                                                           as cloudless... Continue Reading →

your skin, a taste that is sweetto the touch. your eyes, speak many languages when met with mine. your voice, whispers many tunes in my ear. the way you love, harder than any earthquake, but moving me, to higher ground. ... Continue Reading →


Blank spaces  no memories to recollect. Fill my cup and love me, so that these empty spaces can flourish until no end.


Stare into my eyes and tell me. Face me and tell me. Just tell me. You couldn't... You couldn't speak the lies you want  While looking at me and know it's not truth.  But the truth was Digging... Eating at... Continue Reading →

Stand Still

Were we ever? 

It's been cold out, so I have not been out much to enjoy Mother Nature in her current status. Yes she is always beautiful no matter what scene she brings to us. (I just don't do well in the cold.... Continue Reading →

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